They Say it’s Your Birthday

There comes a time, maybe as you near the ripe old age of 22, when celebrating your birthday loses some of its luster. If you think back, way, way back, birthdays were over the top. As a little kid, it was all about the presents, and maybe the cake. Oh, and the presents. For sure, … Read more

The Terrible Twenties

Funny enough, in retrospect the Terrible Twenties are somewhat like the Terrible Twos – there is that feeling of being invincible, but now with money and without supervision. Good times. And while I had a ton of fun in both my twos and my twenties, you may be disappointed to find out I’m referencing neither … Read more

Perspective is Never Lost in Translation

After almost two years of proving to the company bosses what all my school teachers found out the hard way – namely that I was really good at talking with people – I was eagerly awaiting the opportunity to prove I could take these skills to the next level. Despite record-breaking sales results, there was … Read more

1440 or Bust!

This may come across as a whiny rant, and it is – to a degree. Sorry, not sorry. It’s my journey, so I can do that. But hopefully, you know me well enough to know that’s not where it’ll end up though, right? 🙂 So hear me out… For what it’s worth, I’m not a … Read more

The Letter to Teenage Me

As most folks get older, they tend to get somewhat wiser (somehow I seem to have missed the gene which facilitates that). For many people, this is often exemplified by those “letters to my teenage self” that folks tend to write at some point after hitting a certain, relatively advanced age – once they think … Read more

Opportunity Knocks

Determined to dig my way out of the ditches, I had been keeping my eyes open for other career opportunities. I mean, I was now 19, I had a solid nine months of real-world experience, I figured I was definitely ready for the jump to a big-time gig. (Impatient? Unrealistic? Not me…) 🙂 In a … Read more

I’m Tired, Boss

“I’m tired, Boss” – Big John Coffee, in The Green Mile. Trust me, John, I think I know how you feel. I’m tired, too. I’m tired of hearing about people suffering and dying. I had recently created a list of ALS-related follows on Twitter – patients, caregivers, industry resources – which provided some insight as … Read more

I Traverse a Troubled Path

I always tried to consider the paths I traveled throughout my life as a journey, not a destination. And I always felt inclined to take the path less traveled, frequently to my own detriment. Often wrong, but always certain, I would set off on my way. Over the years, the adventures along these paths, with … Read more

Battle the Brutal Beast

Hey. Thought I’d say hello. Been a while. Hope you had a great Christmas. And, yeah, Happy New Year! I kinda bailed from here the past six weeks or so as I tried to work through a glitch in the PMA. As this disease progresses, it seems like these glitches are happening more frequently, which, … Read more

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