But I Wasn’t Always That Way

“Excellent.” Today, I would struggle to jump over the Amboy phone book… if there is such a thing anymore. But I wasn’t always that way. Today, I can throw together a few words and create a seemingly halfway coherent piece of content. But I wasn’t always that way. I’m flashing back to May, 1979, when … Read more

Don’t Rain on My Parade

When you’re born and raised in Hazel Dell, USA, you know all about the Hazel Dell Parade of Bands. Whether you were a Band Geek (no hate mail… their name, not mine), a Little League baller, or part of some other fun community org, the Parade was a big deal each spring, whether you wanted … Read more

The Path Untraveled, the Destination Unknown (part 3/4)

This may surprise you, but sometimes I think I know a lot. And every once in a while, I can be somewhat opinionated. (Stop laughing… you know I can see you laughing, right?). Anyway, after the dirty EMG (Electromyography, for those scoring at home), I started deep down the research rabbit hole (yes, the internet). … Read more

The Path Untraveled, the Destination Unknown (part 2/4)

I love the snow. Some of most peaceful, reflective times I’ve ever spent have been late at night, surrounded by the deafening silence of the fresh fallen snow, basking in the brightness of a moonlit snowscape. Which makes it all the tougher that my first memories of something being really wrong with me were based … Read more

Live Like You Were Dying

“Mitchell, I’m concerned you have ALS.” The Doctor’s statement stopped me in my tracks. My first thought was, wow, only my mom calls me Mitchell, and only when I’m in big trouble. This must be bad. I know, in reality that’s not really funny. But if I don’t laugh, I’m gonna cry. And candidly, I’m … Read more

For Richer, For Poorer

Well, I’ve actually been quite a bit of both. And surprisingly there’s real benefit of each. One of these pictures is from my actual checkbook register, circa 1990 (you know, back when you had to be able to do math to reconcile). And in my case, it was definitely during one of the Poorer times. … Read more

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Believing in that Ultimate Promise

Alleluia. Man, I love that message. While it’s always been impactful, it seems even moreso this year for me. All the discussion of the resurrected body. That promise. It’s so awesome. Because when you watch your body deteriorate, progressively, day after day, your appreciation of the concept of a resurrected body – one that is … Read more

Nothing to Add but a Blank Stare and Drooling

One of my very first pictures. With that blank stare and the drooling, it could also have been a very recent picture. 🙂 After my news earlier this week, I don’t have anything witty or thought provoking or even remotely interesting to add right now. As you can probably imagine, I am emotionally spent. But … Read more

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