Battle the Brutal Beast

Hey. Thought I’d say hello. Been a while. Hope you had a great Christmas. And, yeah, Happy New Year! I kinda bailed from here the past six weeks or so as I tried to work through a glitch in the PMA. As this disease progresses, it seems like these glitches are happening more frequently, which, candidly, sucks (medical jargon) 🙂

Anyway, I haven’t done a lifestory post for quite a while. The inspiration hasn’t been there. I’m hopeful that I can add more stories, as I feel there are still some I’d like to share while I can. Funny thing tho. During my PMA deficient days of December, as I aimlessly wandered through the dark and narrow streets of a life becoming more ravaged by disease, I wrote about 25 poems. Yeah, poetry. Look, I’m confident enough in my ‘man card’ that I can admit to this. 😂

I think I will add them as a separate part of the blog (or if I end up doing the book thingy). For now, I thought I’d share one here. Despite these difficulties, I feel blessed to see 2023. Peace.

Brutal Beast

This brutal beast upon me,
Wreaking havoc and despair,
Leave from me you monster,
To be done with you my prayer.

You crashed unwelcome into my life,
Looking to destroy all that well and good,
Intent on crushing faith and hope,
Completely break me if you could.

While I may become discouraged,
May suffer bouts of hopelessness,
I will never lose faith, hope, or love,
These mine forever to possess.

Be forewarned, you shall never beat me,
I will battle your evil unto death,
For then I shall bask in victory,
Though it be with my final breath.

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