Life or Death: A Flip of the Coin

Heads I win, tails you lose. While I tend to like my odds there, I think the last time that offer actually worked was against Elizabeth when she was about three years old. Although my return on that gambit was solid (I believe chores were involved) I was significantly shamed by my beautiful wife for … Read more

A Challenge that Only Scratches the Surface

I find myself working through a little dilemma here. It’s somewhat of a head-scratcher, if you will. It’s O’dark 30, (actually, it’s about 3:15 AM, but O’dark 30 sounds cooler) and I’ve just been awakened for the umpteenth time from an imperfect sleep. It seems as though my head itches just above my right ear. … Read more

The Line in the Sand

Going to the beach hits a little different these days. Hear me out. If you know me at all, you know that I would much rather throw a kegger party than a pity party. So there will be none of that here (none of the pity one, I’m totally down for the kegger one). 🙂 … Read more

I Am Still Here

I may be exhausted, but two years later at least I am still here. Today, I remember one of my mantras… celebrate all your victories. Even the small ones. Maybe especially the small ones. The way I look at it, if you do that you’ll have more celebrations and less time in between them. Win/win, … Read more

Playing Footsie with Fate

You can look away, I get it. Scroll on past, I won’t hold it against you. I understand… I mean, that is some pretty ugly stuff. But if you are still here, and if you’re curious, I’ll tell you a little about what’s going on. As you can see, I recently got a really nice … Read more

The Terrible Twenties

Funny enough, in retrospect the Terrible Twenties are somewhat like the Terrible Twos – there is that feeling of being invincible, but now with money and without supervision. Good times. And while I had a ton of fun in both my twos and my twenties, you may be disappointed to find out I’m referencing neither … Read more

1440 or Bust!

This may come across as a whiny rant, and it is – to a degree. Sorry, not sorry. It’s my journey, so I can do that. But hopefully, you know me well enough to know that’s not where it’ll end up though, right? 🙂 So hear me out… For what it’s worth, I’m not a … Read more

I’m Tired, Boss

“I’m tired, Boss” – Big John Coffee, in The Green Mile. Trust me, John, I think I know how you feel. I’m tired, too. I’m tired of hearing about people suffering and dying. I had recently created a list of ALS-related follows on Twitter – patients, caregivers, industry resources – which provided some insight as … Read more

More Common than You Think

I’ve written previously about winning the reverse lotto. You know, those 50,000-to-1 odds of being diagnosed with what some people call “the cruelest disease “ – ALS. While I somehow punched that ticket, unfortunately I’ve still had no luck on the real Lotto. (And filling in every number didn’t seem to help either. Go figure). … Read more

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