The Line in the Sand

Going to the beach hits a little different these days. Hear me out. If you know me at all, you know that I would much rather throw a kegger party than a pity party. So there will be none of that here (none of the pity one, I’m totally down for the kegger one). 🙂 … Read more

A Plateful of Grateful

It was just about one year ago, spring break week 2022, that I went public with my ALS diagnosis, here on these pages to you, my friends, as well as to our community on Clark County Live! Since then, I have also been documenting the journey on my personal blog. I let the words fly, … Read more

I Can’t Drive 55

I’m pretty certain it was a 55 zone, though it could have been a 65 zone, I don’t know, the blur of the moment clouds any definitive recollection. Either way, it’s not like they were going to ticket me, right? Or would they? I find it interesting how the news of the day serves to … Read more

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