A Monster Day in Beantown

July 6, 1991. Fenway. The Green Monster. Pesky’s Pole. The Splendid Splinter. Fisk waving it fair. Buckner. So much history here. And today we get to hang out and watch the Rocket pitch.

Funny aside: we walked up on Gameday and bought 13th-row seats just up from first base. When you hadn’t won the Series in 72 years and counting at the time, tickets were pretty easy to come by.

What a game. The Sox plated four in the 7th to come from behind, Clemens went 8 (with 130 pitches!) for his 11th win on the way to his third Cy Young. And the bench-clearing brawl! The Tigers hit back-to-back jacks in the 2nd, so Clemens immediately plunks the next batter. The boys go off throwin’ hands. Old school baseball at its best.

Oh, and don’t get all jelly on the shades I’m styling, thank you very much. 🙂

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