Best Two Guilders Ever

July 1, 1994. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Heineken Brewery Tour. Yes, I nearly jumped in the vat. 🙂 Likely the best two Guilders I spent in my entire life. (Fun fact, Guilders were the Dutch currency in the pre-Euro days).

Two Guilders! (which in 1994 terms was about 50 cents). But what a glorious 50 cents… as it provided for unlimited drinking after the tour for about two hours! (which in 1994 terms was about 120 minutes). 🙂

Sure, the tour gave us a nice history of the beer… but seriously, only two Guilders! And yes, they walked us through the whole brewing process, but did I mention unlimited beer?!

It. Was. Awesome. Although afterwards we slept on the train through the entire country of Belgium, so we likely missed the Brussels sprouts tour, who knows. (sorry, geography humor…) 🙂

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