Acronym Soup for the Soul 3/3

Managing an ALS diagnosis is a lot like bungee jumping. You feel like you have absolutely no control over how you fall, and you’re always living with the uncertainty of when the rope is finally going to break. But what choice do we really have? Quitting is not an option. So part of that management … Read more

Acronym Soup for the Soul 2/3

The other day I talked about the ALS Clinic and the ALSFRS-R score, and how I attend this clinic every three months and spend several hours with a team of experts in different fields all related to the management of ALS. So what the heck do all these people do? I’m glad you asked. 🙂 … Read more

Acronym Soup for the Soul 1/3

Hey, just an FYI. This story is a little different from some of my recent posts. It’s more educational/awareness sort of thing, providing some medical-related insight into my ALS journey. As I’ve referenced over and over, I love me a competition. I was always of the mindset that If they keep score, I wanted to … Read more

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