Nothing to Add but a Blank Stare and Drooling

One of my very first pictures. With that blank stare and the drooling, it could also have been a very recent picture. 🙂

After my news earlier this week, I don’t have anything witty or thought provoking or even remotely interesting to add right now. As you can probably imagine, I am emotionally spent.

But I am now on a journey. Not one I wanted. Not one I’m enthusiastic about. But one I will travel nonetheless. While I don’t want to travel it alone, I don’t expect anyone to travel it with me. So I will say that in addition to the upcoming random and likely quite unnecessary ‘Mitchstory’ posts I’ve warned you about, I’m also going to start posting some updates about my situation, including some background on how we got here. I’d be honored if you’d follow along with me.

All I want to say right now is Thank You. For so many things. For reading the article about my diagnosis. For responding with thoughts and prayers for me and my family. For sharing the article with others. For contributing to our fundraiser. For all that and more, Thank You. For now, I am left somewhat without words (yes, I know, something many folks wish happened more often…) but I’m sure that issue will go away soon enough. 🙂

I love you all.

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