The Blockbuster that Never Made the Big Screen

Now showing, in an exclusive, limited location release (my living room only), is the critically acclaimed 1994 RomCom classic, “Mitch and Melanie (Finally) Get Married.”

This incredibly underrated movie masterpiece stars Mitch Canton as a young man (yes, obviously, it’s an old movie) who after a ‘brief’ 11 year romance finally does the right thing and marries the girl of his dreams – played by stunning silver screen starlet Melanie Cresap Canton.

In her career-defining role, Melanie absolutely steals the show, putting on a masterful performance with abundant grace and impeccable style. Throughout the show, all eyes are fixated on her every move, as her dazzling display of breathtaking beauty is evident – in fact, almost overwhelming – from the moment she enters any room.

The award winning feature film showcases the penultimate moment in time after Mitch had miraculously weathered a self-induced mini midlife crisis. Where through sheer perseverance, he had overcome his fear of commitment, and set aside his unfounded uncertainty, to finally get his ass to the altar.

Set on a splendid September evening, this instant classic was filmed on location at a grand downtown Cathedral, thereafter meandering through city streets in an open, horse drawn carriage, finally closing inside an elegant Queen Anne mansion.

The blockbuster film features moments that will make you laugh (someone wrote ‘Send Help’ on the bottom of the Groom’s shoes – a message for all to see when they kneel during the ceremony); moments that will make you cry (those vows, that couple, that moment forever frozen in time); and moments that will make you wish you had been there (likely the two kegs and wild party at the reception).

While capturing the epic celebration truly makes for a historic cinematic achievement, the movie still leaves many unanswered questions, such as ‘What took him so long?’ and ‘Why is she even with him?’

The film received rave reviews from participants and viewers alike. Despite its popularity, the stars were steadfast in their commitment that it was a once in a lifetime experience, and there was no plan for a sequel – although the production did produce three individual spinoffs.

The movie is rated PG-13, as he does, indeed, kiss the bride (with some serious emphasis, I might add). There is also a bit of gratuitous violence associated with the wedding cake (she started it, he simply finished it). As well as some dance scenes that are inappropriate for anyone who actually knows how to dance (likely related to the two kegs referenced above).

Well, movie reviews aside, in the unlikely event I somehow failed to make the point, today is our Anniversary and we’re going to watch our wedding video together tonight. I heard it’s pretty good. 🙂

For 29 years, I’ve been blessed with the best life partner I could have ever asked for. One I likely didn’t deserve, but here we are. Yes, I am completely aware of the fact that I married way, way up (please, don’t tell her).

Whether I am blessed to celebrate another Anniversary or 29 more, every one I’ve had, and any I am fortunate to celebrate in the future, are truly great gifts in my life.

I’m going to watch this movie with immeasurable happiness and an overwhelming sense of joy, because no matter what else happens in this life, I know that this movie does indeed have a happy ending.

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