Buy Dirt

Recently certain song lyrics have really resonated with me. Like deep down to my core. Most recently it’s been ‘Buy Dirt.’ This one is like they knew my personal To-Do checklist.

“Find the one you can’t live without”  ✅ – (Hey beautiful, Melanie)
Get a ring, let your knee hit the ground”  ✅ – (Ke’e Beach, 1994, should’ve been like eight years earlier – my bad!)
Do what you love but call it work”  ✅
And throw a little money in the plate at church”  ✅
Send your prayers up and your roots down deep”  ✅
Add a few limbs to your family tree”  ✅ – (Hey, Aaron, Joshua, and Liz)
And watch their pencil marks”  ✅
And the grass in the yard all grow up”  ✅

‘Cause the truth about it is
It all goes by real quick – (like you don’t even know…)
You can’t buy happiness
But you can buy dirt.”

The line that hits hardest is “cause the truth about it is, it all goes by real quick.” Again, like you don’t even know…

So just ‘Don’t Blink’ … wait, that’s another story altogether. 🙂

Love and hugs from here.

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