Making Memories Roadtrip, Mom and Sister Version

We may not have had the chance to recreate our Roadtrip to Disneyland, circa 1976, but the “Memories with Mitch” circuit wrapped up like it started way back then… taking a trip with mom and sis (hi Jacki, hi Kelly).

Sure, it was just a little four-day jaunt to the beach – but have you been alone and outnumbered by my mom and sister lately?! I survived, but it was a close call. And I’m better for it (just don’t tell them I admitted it).

We were blessed with great weather and I was blessed with awesome company. We had a chance to connect like we haven’t done in years. Bonus, I also had a chance to thoroughly beat them in cards (don’t let them tell you any differently).

Well, regardless of the real outcome of the cards, it was a great time. And I feel I came out a winner, if nothing else just for the quality time that we spent together. 🙂

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