1440 or Bust!

This may come across as a whiny rant, and it is – to a degree. Sorry, not sorry. It’s my journey, so I can do that. But hopefully, you know me well enough to know that’s not where it’ll end up though, right? 🙂 So hear me out… For what it’s worth, I’m not a … Read more

The Letter to Teenage Me

As most folks get older, they tend to get somewhat wiser (somehow I seem to have missed the gene which facilitates that). For many people, this is often exemplified by those “letters to my teenage self” that folks tend to write at some point after hitting a certain, relatively advanced age – once they think … Read more

Opportunity Knocks

Determined to dig my way out of the ditches, I had been keeping my eyes open for other career opportunities. I mean, I was now 19, I had a solid nine months of real-world experience, I figured I was definitely ready for the jump to a big-time gig. (Impatient? Unrealistic? Not me…) 🙂 In a … Read more

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