Life or Death: A Flip of the Coin

Heads I win, tails you lose. While I tend to like my odds there, I think the last time that offer actually worked was against Elizabeth when she was about three years old. Although my return on that gambit was solid (I believe chores were involved) I was significantly shamed by my beautiful wife for … Read more

Where in the World Do These Signs Lead?

There will always be signs – in life and in love… but will you see them? Will you heed them? Some signs in life are meant to be ignored. I mean, ”This playground equipment is intended for children 5-12 years of age” – seriously? Challenge accepted. Others, like Speed Limit signs in small towns – … Read more

A Challenge that Only Scratches the Surface

I find myself working through a little dilemma here. It’s somewhat of a head-scratcher, if you will. It’s O’dark 30, (actually, it’s about 3:15 AM, but O’dark 30 sounds cooler) and I’ve just been awakened for the umpteenth time from an imperfect sleep. It seems as though my head itches just above my right ear. … Read more

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